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There are two main reasons for Flying Needle Acupuncture's unusual name:

Flying Needle Acupuncture is a nod to Kung Fu films, where Taran was first exposed to the practice of acupuncture. One of Chinese medicine's main roots is martial medicine. Martial artists would frequently get injured during training, as well as during combat. In order to keep in peak condition, healing, and self-cultivation techniques, for example, qi gong, developed in tandem with martial arts. With Taran's background in martial arts, dance, pilates, and yoga, he is well versed in how to help physically active people stay in peak form, prevent, and when necessary work through, injury.

Flying Needle Acupuncture's name refers to the sense of liberation that one feels one one is in an optimal state of health in mind, body, and spirit. Vibrant health feels so wonderful it is as if we have wings, as if we could take flight. The intention is for you to become harmoniously and radiantly healthy. Flying Needle Acupuncture, get your wings back!

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