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Incredible healer, you would benefit hugely as an athlete or person from spending some time with Taran.

Tommy S

Taran's work is elegant, effective, and from the heart. His approach is holistic from the warm, spaciousness of his treatment room to the precision of his interventions. When I am out of sorts or in pain, Taran is the person I want to work with. I know I will be met with understanding and that I will be offered a path to feeling better.

Toby M

I've been a patient with Flying Needle for many years now. I originally came for a very painful neck/shoulder issue. I have kept coming for an ongoing medical issue. Only the combination of acupuncture and body work I get from Taran at Flying Needle allows me to keep working full-time at a desk job. The care I receive improves my quality of life and addresses all the aches and pains life throws at me. I recommend it to anyone in pain looking for relief.

Caren H

I suffer from extreme chronic pain due to a degenerative spinal condition. The single most effective style of treatment by FAR ( and there's not even a close second) has been Taran's unique ( and make no mistake, no one else around here does what he does) combination of skills. You will not find a more comprehensive or efficacious treatment modality for a wider array of issues anywhere in the Triangle. Period.

Bart M

Receiving treatments from Taran was a remarkable treat. I have a host of post-cancer treatment challenges and Taran didn’t bat an eye, he just got to work relieving discomfort and helping my body to release the physical damage and trauma so that healing could continue with greater ease. It may not seem as though he is doing much during a treatment, no big movements, no crunching of bones or deep tissue this or that. Taran’s work is definitely of the “less is more” school. His treatments are very gentle – and very effective! And along the way he teaches his clients little things they can do themselves to keep fostering the release and healing, so there is an added bonus! It was a huge help to work with Taran during a difficult time.

Susan S

I feel so grateful to have been referred to Taran by my Pilates instructor. My legs were constantly aching and my hips were not aligned and after the first visit with Taran I felt better. He really takes time to listen and figure out what is causing the pain or imbalance. He is so knowledgeable about the body and how everything is connected. I highly recommend Flying Needle Acupuncture!

Elizabeth F

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