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Contemplation of Gratitude

Hello Friends of Flying Needle!

Happy Lesser Snow!

- second hibernal node -

Hope this finds you well during these interesting times!

I give thanks to the fertile Mystery that precedes, and is Mother to all manifestation.

I give thanks to the Dreaming and dreams, to Absence and Presence.

I give thanks to the Heavens and the Earth, to North and South, East and West, to Center and Spaciousness.

I give thanks to all kin; those who have come before, those who are here with us, and those who have not yet arrived.

I give thanks to the sun, the moon and the stars; to water and wind, to soil and stone, and to life in all her myriad expressions.

I give thanks to the turn of the seasons, the ebb and flow of the tides, the pulsation of breath, and the beat of the heart.

I give thanks to all being and becoming, and to that which is between.

I give thanks for the miraculous opportunity to be here in this moment living, learning, loving, and growing.

I give thanks to you witnessing these words.

May your Winter days be filled with beauty, mystery, and friendship! May you and your kin feel both rooted and free! May we walk in gratitude with our Ancestors! May all being and becoming receive nourishment!

Wishing you and all your relations wellbeing and good medicine!

With gratitude,


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